We take the guess work out of YOUR fitness and health by exposing the data locked inside your genes.

Then we connect you with all of the resources so YOU can put that knowledge into action; meal plans, exercise routines, coaches and nutrition & supplementation right at your finger tips.

Who we are

Feel Good Fuel was established in 2016 by Founder, Owner, and Operator; Matt. This Virginia native grew up with country cooking, family values and strong work ethic. All of which provided the principles this company was built upon.

Together with his wife, Kyla (5 x NPC Champion, fitness model and holistic health & life coach), and two pups we strive to make your health and wellness easier while traveling the globe connecting with and sourcing the best products and services we can find.

Our mission

Provide customer specific, health & wellness services & products in a convenient form to enhance customer lifestyle and health. From genetic data, to fresh wholesome food, coaches and supplementation specific to your goals, we have you covered.

Work hard, play hard

This statement, “Work Hard, Play Hard” is the fundamental Feel Good Fuel is based on. From the business name itself to enabling people to do more of what they love. Whether this is getting a good pump in the gym, spending more time with friends and family, feeling your best or just making more time for yourself. Life is too short not to make the most out of every minute doing what makes you happy.

So what are you waiting for? Get back to having fun!

Product of passion

The past 30 years of friendships, working in the food industry, business management, and fitness & nutrition industry experience have inspired and shaped the passion this company was founded on. I decided I wanted to combine my experiences and talents to bring together a service that simplified access to services and products that allows people to feel good and do more of what they love while living their healthiest life.

We put tons of dedication and hard work into every one of our quality products and services. Not only are we proud of connecting you to the highest quality services and products but we wouldn’t feed you or your family anything we don’t eat ourselves. Every meal and supplement has been tried and tested by not only ourselves, but our friends and family. We are excited to grow together and look forward to helping you meet your goals!