The discovery of how to offer people personalized nutrition based on their genetic makeup. Because our personal genetic code makes each one of us unique, we each respond differently to foods, minerals, and nutrients. The key to personalized nutrition, supplementation, and wellness is locked in our DNA.

How it works?

  • Order Test Kit

  • Follow Directions to Gather Sample

  • Mail Back in prepaid envelope

  • 30 days after mailing your kit for testing and analysis you will receive the following personalized reports:

    • Nutrition
    • Life & Fitness
  • You’ll learn about things like how your body absorbs and produces certain nutrients, gut function, energy levels, personalized nutrition suggestions, a customized meal plan, what types of exercise your body responds to, a custom exercise plan, custom supplement recommendations and so much more!

  • Each plan will highlight specifically what your body needs based on Your genetic make up!

  • Upon receiving your results, be sure to schedule your FREE Consultation with our experts who will review the extensive data and help you with a plan to begin meeting your goals using your results.

Cost: $ 400